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Petzl Tikka RXP and Tikka R+ headlamp issues

I've had two Petzl headlamps that have been wonderful for years but now that their batteries have died, the new version of the battery doesn't work properly.  I have a Tikka RXP and a Tikka R+.  The original battery that they came with was the Tikka R.  On the Petzl website it says that the Reactik+ battery is compatible with the Tikka RXP and R+ headlamps but it's not.  I sent one of my headlamps back to Petzl to see if they could figure out the issue, which only started after I swapped out the old battery for the newer version.  All functions work except when I want the high beam, full power.  When I click it to that setting, it will flash bright 3 times then go back to reactik (dimmer) mode.  It will continue to flash 3 times intermittently until I switch it back to dim mode.  Petzl sent the headlamp back saying they figured out the issue and fixed it.  They didn't.  It still does the same thing.  Unfortunately, the battery finally died on my other headlamp so I bought another Reactik+ battery and now both headlamps are doing this.  I've contacted Petzl again and I'm not getting any answers.  I need to be able to get full power from my headlamps and now these are worthless to me.  Is there any fix? 


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Buy a Zeebralight, or Fenix, brands that are working well for me.  There are others as well .  I have owned Petzls in the past and they were fairly good, but not up to the brands I have mentioned- 

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ThruNite TH20 with a quality 14500 lithium battery. The light will also run on AA cells, but not as long or as bright. Olight has a couple of headlamps, but has proprietary batteries, which sounds like what bit you on the Petzl. Sofirn is highly regarded in the flashlight enthusiast community and there are several models on their website in the under 30 dollar range, I can't recommend a particular model, but stick with 18650 batteries and you should be very happy with runtimes. In the flashlight enthusiast world, most of the lights found in an outfitter store are overpriced and under-performers.

It's not anywhere near a lightweight lamp, but the Sofirn BLF-LT1 is an amazing camping lantern, that doubles as a USB battery bank to charge your other devices. 

I have a fleet of Boruit RJ02 headlamps for our family, but that model is no longer available and the new models got stoo'pit.

I should stop before I get any more off trail.