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petzl headlamp issues


I've purchased 2 Petzl headlamps and both have been a bust.....  The fist one I used just fine a handful of times and loved it.  Only to find one day I was packing for a trip and it had calcified in the batteries.  I looked it up and seems there is no restoring it?  I read that you can try to take the batteries out when storing to avoid this.  Although, I will say that it was safely in a cool, dry place when this happened.  

I decided to replace.  Since I liked the function before, I bought the same brand just a more expensive one that had more features.  I used it once... Then the next time I went to use it, nothing.  Headlamp won't turn on, except oddly the red light works.  No visible damage like calcification either.  Tried to change the batteries and it made no difference.  This was really disappointing since I paid even more for this one and I only got to use it once.  Can anyone help me figure out what's wrong and how I can fix it?



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Hi @candruss - Thanks for bringing this question to the community, though we're sorry it's because you're having trouble with two different headlamps.

Your instances have us scratching our heads because this isn't feedback that is common for Petzl headlamps. With the second one you bought, you mentioned that the red light works and the white light doesn't. For many Petzl lights, the red and white modes can only be switched while turning it on, so you may be "stuck" in the red mode.

On most Petzl headlamps, to change between color modes (starting with the light off), you hold the large button as the red light comes on and continue holding it until it switches to white light. Then you are able to click the button to toggle through different brightness levels. Some models have different instructions, so if necessary, you can find the various owner's manuals on the Petzl website.

If this doesn't work and you're using the right batteries and storage, it might be that these two instances are just unfortunate coincidences. One suggestion is to make sure that the batteries you are using are the same age and brand, as different batteries mixed together are more likely to cause leakage or failures.

If your purchase is under a year old and is not working to your satisfaction, you can return it under our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Let us know if you have any additional questions and we'll be happy to help!

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I had the same issue (only red light coming on) and it did turn out to be a "user error" on my part. Holding the on-off button on did the trick of toggling to white light. Thanks!


I just watched a few videos and it looks like it's not working like it's supposed to.  I also was able to use it when I first got it but now the white light won't turn on... I can get the red one on and get it to switch to blinking.

Maybe I'll try to bring it in the store....  I'm not quite sure if it's within the warranty still as it's not under my purchase history online...


In your first situation, thee problem is the batteries, not the headlamp.  Most likely you were using alkaline batteries, which is a good way to ruin whatever equipment they power.  Lithium batteries are far less likely to corrode.  Although they cost more per battery, they are actually cheaper in terms of the power they provide or the duration of the light they produce.  They also function much better at lower temperatures.

I have long ago gone to rechargeable batteries which are ever cheaper in terms of produced lighting and which do not leak and corrode equipment.

Alkaline batteries are obsolete and wasteful.

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