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Outdoor Music

I know that getting outside is, in many ways, about disconnecting from technology. While I often like to go full-on primitive, there are times where I like to have a soundtrack. My go-to playlist is full of Lord Huron, and I have some fantastically fond memories of some hikes that include some of these tunes. With that said, I'd like to know what your favorite outdoor playlists include? The birds provide some great melodies, but sometimes human voices and instrumentation can be a great accompanying element on an excursion. 

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The Head and The Heart are great! The right music while in nature is cathartic for me, and I would think the same rings true for many others. 


OMG this is so embarrassing!  I'm so old, I've never heard of Lord Huron, (but will check it out today). 

But agree there is nothing like a go-to playlist!  For me, a long trudge up to a mountain pass MANDATES a hard pounding play list! Anything that gets my mind off the pain.

My playlist for for climbs is call 'hardfast'.  Includes lots of Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Kinks and lots more of that ilk (yes, I'm that old)

Totally agree, that backpacking can be a great opportunity to catch up on podcasts, but my go-to is any book that I can get lost in.(only when not taking photos and listening to nature)

Now, how'bout that play list for winding down in the sleeping bag, man, I just love that music!

REI member since 1979

REI Member Since 1979

I built several playlists for this exact thing!  I usually don't listen to music in bear country, but on training hikes, I have a go-to playlist on Amazon Music.  

I'm a big fan of the 70s and 80s.  I went to Billboard and obtained the Top 100 for each of the years from 1970 - 1989.  

Huge fan of Zep, AC/DC, Rush, and other that have hard driving stomping music.  If I see a boulder bed/scramble, I have to listen to "We Will Rock You" by Queen.  Put it on repeat and stomp away.

From the 80s, I like U2 mostly.  Don't get my wrong, I'll even listen to Rick Astley (insert your own joke here).

If you are interested, I can share my Amazon Music playlist.  The only drawback is that you have to have the Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. It's $8/month.