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Outdoor adventure goals, plans, and dreams for 2022

Happy New Year everyone! 

With a group as passionate about the outdoors as this one is, we know you all probably have some exciting plans and goals for the year ahead. While I'm not an official resolution maker myself, I do enjoy getting some dreams down on paper and the start of the year feels like a great time to do it. 

Last year, many of you shared with us your 2021 lists and it was an incredible conversation to participate in. 


For me, my 2021 outdoor goals are to:

  • Bikepack to Montreal (it's a little over one hundred miles one-way from where I live!)
  • Ski one hundred days this season

Now it's your turn. No matter what sport, place, or level, we want to hear: tell us what your goals, plans, and dreams for this upcoming year are!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.
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Hi @REI-CarterC .  Great topic!

As of right now, I have 2 primary goals.

  • Per the recommendation of @nathanu , I registered for the 52 Hike Challenge, Adventure Series, so I have every intention of completing that before year's end. (got the first hike of 2022 already under my belt)
  • My buddies and I are planning a multi-day bike trip along the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP Trail), with stops along the way to hike, raft, and visit some pubs.

Other than those 2 "official" goals, I expect I'll be outside as much as possible, hiking, biking, kayaking, camping...


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I want to complete some of the hiking challenges I've been working on;

Finish my remaining 11 of the NH48 4,000 footers.

Only 12 miles to complete redlining the 125 mile Waterville Valley trail system.

I'm sitting at 86 of the NH 100 Fire Towers Past & Present,

I'm going to do a second round of the NH 52With-A-View peaks.

And if there's time, do a 4 day thru-hike of the 48 mile Monadnaock-Sunapee Greenway.

If I can do 3 of those 5, I'll be happy.


@DavidandMoose - This is such a great list! I'm over in Vermont and particularly love coming across those fire tires (and huts) while out and about.

Do you stick to doing these ventures once the snow clears out in summer or will some of these be winter hikes?

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I hike all four seasons. For this Winte,r I'll work on the 52WAV peaks. Hiking solo, I don't do 4000 footers in Winter. And most of the 13 fire towers I have left, a lot are on Winter Closure Roads.


Happy New Year.

My plan is to start getting back out backpacking.  It was stalled due to getting some gear and the other fun the last few years.

I am looking at some short backpacking trips (a quick in and out; drive and hike in on a Saturday and hike out and drive on Sunday) for starters at one of our state forests.

Might hit some of our Metro parks for some extra hiking.


Looking forward to continuing a practice of sailing the Maine coast and further north through the Bay of Fundy and around Nova Scotia. 

I’ve been searching for a workspace that I can use (home-free, here) to build a camping-cruising yawl. The project requires at least a 18’ x 20’ space in a non-flammable enclosing structure, roughly 500 work hours, and there can’t be a gas-tank-emptying commute to get to the space. 

Really excited to begin sussing (slalom-esque) my new-to-me 18’ expedition sea kayak through the tidal rock gardens along the coast. 

Wanting to do more gravel riding and bikepacking on the Psychlo-X. 

More wilderness exploration would be nice. Oh and I need some caver friends who are already up Downeast and Bold Coast. 


In 2022, I will be heading back to Yellowstone on a “solo” trip to start my book project. I won’t get details here because that’s not what this forum is for (in my opinion). I will also be heading back to Badlands for thunderstorm photos.

Overall, my goals for the year is to be in nature and exploring more. After my 2 trips last year, I have re-fallen in love with the outdoors. I took too long of break, so I am jumping back in. I am planning a trip to Mammoth Cave with my daughter later in the year, and I really hope to take the leap and get a backpack and do a short 3 day backpacking trip. 

Doing all of that will mean I need to get serious again about getting in shape. A few years ago, I had a bit of a scare with a heart diagnosis and lost about 75lbs. Then, I gained back 50. This year I will get to my goal and feel great again!

Thank you for everyone’s suggestions earlier last year before my first trip to Yellowstone. I really appreciated the input!


The Tie Dyed Wanderer

Finally finding time to have adventures instead of waiting for time.

Whole30 for six weeks. Variations of movement and slow motion on a pull-up bar in an obnoxiously obvious doorframe, or what have you. Intermittent fasting. Stay moisturized (more than merely hydrated). Go to bed early.

That should do it. 


What an awesome topic @REI-CarterC !!  Reading through the comments was a great reminder of how many cool hobbies this community represents.  This year, for me, is going to be a little crazy (we're building our "forever home", so much of my free time will be spent on that).  I do have a couple of goals though that I'd like to post though so I've got something to a) hold me accountable and b) look back on in 12 months :

  • Complete the 52 Hike Challenge.
  • Get at least two overnight backpacking trips in.
  • Get at least two multi-night backpacking trips in (currently hoping for the Foothills Trail and then Amicalola to Neels Gap)
  • Getting my Brazilian Jui Jitsu purple belt.  
Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.