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Outdoor adventure goals, plans, and dreams for 2021.

Happy New Year everyone!

While it is a bit cliché at the new year to talk about our 'resolutions' (who else is losing weight and getting in shape this year?!), I do believe that it is helpful to share your goals with a community in order to help bring them to life. The support you find when sharing your goals can sometimes be the difference between achieving them and pushing them to the back burner (again) for the next year.

It is in that spirit of support and camaraderie that I ask: What are your plans, goals, and dreams for outdoor adventure in 2021? Big or small, from expert level to complete beginner, let's hear about what you hope to accomplish so we can inspire and support each other to get outside more in 2021!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.
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For 2025 😁.

 Although we have great nature up here in Scandinavia, who doesn't dream of Canada right?

So my plan is to hike for 3-4 weeks in Canada. I would like to get dropped off by seaplane at the starting point, paddle packraft on lakes and rivers, then get picked up by seaplane at the end of the hike.

Does anybody have contact information for seaplane in the Northwest Territory? Interesting starting point is Lamarre lake area. All other help is also much appreciated. 

Stay safe.


It's fun to read everyone's posts and goals. My husband and I are avid walkers and day hikers. But, we are "newbies" to doing backcountry hiking/camping, and multi-day hiking. We feel drawn to it! So, after watching countless YouTube videos of thru-hikes and backcountry section hikes for the past year, we have set our sights on completing a 100 mile trail at the end of August 2020. This is very ambitious for us, but we've chosen the trail, and we are excited! Now we get to do the prep!

With that in mind, I have discovered this members chat board and have set many goals to get ready.

  • Daily stretching and walking.
  • 4 x weekly strength training program specific to hiking, to prevent injury
  • Continuing COVID weight-loss regimen [he's down 40lbs, I'm down 25lbs and counting] 
  • Weekend day hikes - getting used to the elevation, and increasing the difficulty per week.
  • When weather warms up, we will start planning some overnight hikes and practicing carrying our gear.
  • Joining REI member conversations to glean knowledge.
  • Asking a lot of questions about gear, watching more videos, signing up for REI virtual help, and 1:1 help
  • Looking into renting ultralight gear to test it. Hoping to avoid breaking the bank on this maiden voyage into backcountry hiking  - [in case we hate it?]
  • Mapping everything - talking to people who may be familiar with these various trails. We are doing a route that is used for a 100 mile backcountry ultra race, so it is mapped by the race organizers, but there's no info on where to set up camps, or water sources, etc. so I need to do a lot of investigating on that!
  • Overcoming my fears of being attacked by bears or cougars, getting hit by lightning, running out of food/water, having to be lifeflighted ... you know, just the basics... 🙄
Go outside and play, kids!


Welcome to the community! Thank you for sharing your goals with us here. It sounds like you are well on your way to an awesome adventure! Which 100 mile trail are you doing? Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or advice, we have some really amazing experience and expertise here in the community.

Also, I share almost all your same fears although I'll be sure to add lightning strike to my list now!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thanks @REI-JohnJ ! Lightning strikes are a very real danger here in Utah - especially in higher elevations. My good friend's husband was struck while hiking in Bryce Canyon, he sustained severe burns and was in a coma for 3 weeks... so, yeah. I have serious fear of lightning.

My original plan was to simply choose 100 miles of the Great Western Trail that runs from Mexico to Canada because 2000 miles of it runs along the Utah mountain range [where I live]. However, the GWT website was apparently hacked a while back and shut down. There's no ETA when that site will be back to be able to gather more info on the trail, and I've had zero luck connecting with anyone who knows anything about it. So, that led me to discover the Wasatch 100 race course - which mostly follows the GWT trail from Kaysville to Heber Utah. It's a very intense, but extremely beautiful stretch. There's a few reasons why I like the idea - #1 it literally starts a couple miles from my house. #2. Friends/Family can meet me at mile 50 for a resupply. #3. I'm never going to be too far away from civilization since it runs along the ridgeline above many cities [hoping I might even have cell signal most of the time ..??]. #4. I will drop down and up out of canyons that could be a potential exit point if something goes terribly wrong. #5. The race organizers have created a TON of maps and topo info plus detailed instructions on their website step by step through the course, so that the runners don't get lost [since they have to finish under 36 hours, at least half the race is run in the dark in rocky/steep cliff bear/cougar country!]. I even reached out to the race coordinators and they were super cool about letting me download everything from their website. In exchange, husband and I plan to help clean up the trail along the way, put up markers, and alert the team if anything has changed on the trail before race day which is 1 or 2 weeks after our planned trek. Overall, I feel good about the route. But, there's still a lot of anxiety about actually carrying all the gear, food, and finding water and places to pitch the tent etc... all the details! You guys will probably get pretty sick of hearing from me! I've got lists of questions! 😁

Go outside and play, kids!


This sounds incredible! Don't hesitate to bring the community all the questions, there is so much good experience here!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Well @REI-JohnJ , a couple months later and I can happily knock one item off my goal list. Yesterday I bought a kayak! So now I am on my way to getting that paddling in this summer.

I picked up the Advanced Elements convertible kayak - when I put it in my REI cart, it said "low on stock, order soon". After I bought it, I went back about 30 minutes later and it was saying it's no longer available, so I guess I got the last one!

Oh, and I am well on my way to hitting my mileage count, too.

“Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life.” (John Muir)

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So great hear you got your kayak, I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures on the water! Congrats on your mileage as well, you’re going to crush your goals!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

My goals for 2021: increase my biking, running, and hiking/backpacking. Also hope to get back into kayaking. I have some support in this, a friend gave me an Oru Kayak as a gift. Due to my new location, I may not get any snowsports in but I will try. Already got some daytrips in to the National Parks in the area. 

-Hoping for a successful kayaking trip in June.  70+ miles in Northern MN with a great group of guys

-Seeing another successful season on the board of the Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association

-Put a bunch of time in the new Sea to Summit tent over the course of the Summer and Fall

-Get the wife out on the river for her first time.  Hoping for an overnight on the Mississippi.

-Continue to plan my 2023 Mississippi River Trip - Itasca to the Gulf






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