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Outdoor adventure goals, plans, and dreams for 2021.

Happy New Year everyone!

While it is a bit cliché at the new year to talk about our 'resolutions' (who else is losing weight and getting in shape this year?!), I do believe that it is helpful to share your goals with a community in order to help bring them to life. The support you find when sharing your goals can sometimes be the difference between achieving them and pushing them to the back burner (again) for the next year.

It is in that spirit of support and camaraderie that I ask: What are your plans, goals, and dreams for outdoor adventure in 2021? Big or small, from expert level to complete beginner, let's hear about what you hope to accomplish so we can inspire and support each other to get outside more in 2021!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.
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All of this sounds great. We want to explore every state park, as well as visit all the NASA attractions, even though it isn’t outdoors.

My 2021 outlook - Left to complete for summits I have South Sister, Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier Borah peak. I'm trying to summit the rest or the 7 peaks of the Northwest if possible this year and starting in another month.

Far as normal hikes I want to do the glue glacier trail, Mt. Olympus possibly, sahale arm, Marmot lake and Hidden Lake lookout.

Climbs I will be hoping to do Mt. Constance and Mt. Cruiser and a few places in Oregon and Idaho. Maybe a few at Index as well.

Connor Andreasen

@candreasen101 Hidden Lake is one of my very favorite hikes!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Very cool about Hidden lake, I cant wait to go now!

Connor Andreasen

Ok. I'll play

1. Use my season pass enough that it pays for itself (done)

2. Kayak camp again. Life has gotten in the way for 3 years. Have a trip planned 3rd week in May. Short, under 60 mi, so maybe 2.5 days.

boat is permitted as of last night, tent is waterproofed, got a new mattress, and wetsuit. Went all out and got a camp chair. Skirt, hatch covers, paddles, pfd, located.... need to find the whistle..

3. Came up with a post covid home workout that works on my skiing, shooting, kayaking core. I was hitting the gym pretty regular. Work changed, then covid hit. Needed to do something.

4. Hit matches that were covid cancelled last year. First one in mid Apr, then 4 days at the end of that month.

5. maybe plan a trip west to ski this fall/winter. Never skied in Idaho, so ....

6. pull the camper to a park and bring the kayak. I have done one or the other, but the camper thing is new to me so never did both.


@GregA - It's so great to see this list. Thanks for sharing!

If you want to share, it'd be awesome to hear where you got your skiing days in and where your kayak camping plans have you headed. It's been a few years since I kayak-camped as well and now you have me pulling up a map to look at some local rivers!

Keep us updated on how those ventures go. We'd love to hear your stories and learn from your know-how and preparedness!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I get a weekday seasons pass at Blue Knob (in PA) it works well because I get non sced Wednesdays and have to work some weekends. This year with the restrictions it was hard enough to figure out when and where to go. I like BK. 1K vert drop. Lifts are slower, the black diamonds are weather dependent. It was purchased by a new group a few years ago and they are getting the snowmaking squared away. All out of state trips were cancelled and the snowfall was off this year, so it was BK all the way/

I think I will start a thread on the snowsports board on where you have skied.

The Kayak trip that is in the works will be the PA grand canyon, Pine Creek. I will be test packing the boat in a couple weeks, it will definitely be on the comfort side, but I can do something.

For 2021:

Climb my 400th unique mountain and ~800th ascent of a mountain. CHECK! ☑️

Tune up backpacking in S Arizona in April and early May. Santa Ritas, Catalinas, Saguaro National Park.

Late May: Short trips in Blue Range Primitive Area (Last Federal Primitive Area) and Bear Wallow Wilderness, eastern Arizona. El Malpais National Monument, Mt Grant in New Mexico.

June: Mostly Pecos Wilderness and nearby wildlands of Santa Fe and Las Vegas. I spent a week here a couple years ago and must have seen a couple of hundred bighorn sheep. I have a couple more mountains I want to climb. This area is wonderful for overnights, two or three night trips, and can easily absorb a one week trip even on horseback. This is a chunk of wild country with big mountains, giant stretches of tundra, deep forested canyons, long trails, lots of wildlife, and the chance of getting away from people if you choose well.

July: Bounce from Golden CO to hit a few remembered and new spots across Colorado. Gotta climb something new. San Rafael Swell Utah for a hike or three. ~15th July climb 3rd highest mountain in Utah, Delano at 12,000'+, looking for Mountain Goats with my long time buddy. Blitz central Nevada to get to the Sierras in PRIMETIME. Bag a peak or three near Mammoth / Yosemite.

August: I've posted a 12 day trip to this group in Emigrant Wilderness. Join me? Swimming, please. Kayak a couple of lakes, Tahoe East Beaches, Owens River?

September, early: 8 days in the Cathedral Range, mostly base camping at Boothe Lake. Climb 2-3-4 mountains. Return XC via Nelson Lake. Later, Big Pine Creek? University Peak? Working South towards desert.

October: North Rim Grand Canyon, slowly South towards my wintering area near Tucson.

Sounds like a lot, but plenty of time for lazy naps.

Get It! Hey, wanna have some fun? Open invitation. 

You talk of Saguaro ad other nearby areas in S Arizona, my old stomping grounds.  In Saguaro, I imagine you will visit Manning Camp and Mica Mountain, where I first worked for the NPS the summer of 1957.  One of our tasks was to tighten all the bolts on the 100 foot tower on the summit of Mica, which I understand has now been dismantled.  

If you have time,Ihighly recommend Rincon Peak - nice summit!


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The tower on Mica Mountain has been gone for years. I climbed up at once in the 1980s when about half of the wooden boards were broken or too fragile to step on. The top cabin box was closed. It was windy. It felt scarier than many of the rock climbs I have been on.

I spent 6 days in the park again last year. I spent a week there two years ago. It's a perfect place for springtime. 3 years ago I climbed Mica Mountain from the north.

I know both units of Saguaro National Park extremely well. I have climbed Rincon Peak a couple of times in the past few years and twice long ago. I climbed Wasson Peak again this year up my 13th different route. I can see over 100 mountains I have climbed before from most of the high mountains in Southern Arizona.

Sky Islands. 4 units of the National Park system. A dozen Wilderness Areas. Lots of room.