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Must-have Outdoor Item

I am curious as to what everyone's must-have when you head outdoors for a weekend camping!

I can't decide between my FireKnife (sorry REI) and my Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

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It's gotta be a head lamp with a red light option!


Agree with @JulieInDC - the sturdy headlamp is clutch. Second best would be my Leatherman....

a head net for bug deterrence; i don't use chemical-based repellents, so this was a huge quality of life improvement for me, and i have no shame about how dorky it looks.

A recent camping trip where the bugs were insane, I was riding my bike when I saw a lady up ahead with a head net on.  I thought "how ridiculous is COUGH COUGH CHOKE. I swallowed a gnat.  I though "how ingenius is she"


First, a good pair of boots or hiking shoes. If your feet hurt, the rest of your body will, too.  Beside that, a pack with the 10 essentials.

I’m with @kathyrb on this one...that’s a +1 on the comfortable boots/shoes. I can make due with whatever else I have available as long as my feet aren’t killing me. 

I’m with @kathyrb, the right foot wear is definitely at the top of my list.  To be a little more general, I’m say having the right clothing for the occasion 

Coffee-making gear for me...I even carry an abbreviated ultralight coffee setup on dayhikes, which consists of a 550ml titanium pot, a tiny stove (BRS 3000), a very lightweight filter holder, a spoon, and a GSI lightweight insulated mug. 

I concur