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Looking for tips and advice for my first backpacking trip.

Hello! I have been wanting to do backpacking for awhile now, and finally have an opportunity coming up. I would like to get some suggestions, and tips from anyone (as information never hurt when it comes to things like this.) I am planning a trip to spade, and venus lake in Washington (advertised  as a 2-3 day trip) however I plan to do a full week out there. I am accruing equipment, and so far have a good list going for what I need, but I am wondering what I should absolutely need, and things I may think I need but don't? I also plan to do a few smaller hike throughs in my area to sort of condition myself in that aspect, but otherwise I'm a healthy, well capable person. I would like some input from people who have first hand experience with it. Thank you!

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Sounds like an even cooler opportunity for you! While I am originally from Washington State, I did live in Wisconsin for a couple of years while attending college in Kenosha. I cut my mountain biking teeth at Petrified Springs State Park! I'm excited for your trip this summer, don't hesitate to reach out with any other questions around logistics or planning.

I would also emphasize @Starlight-to-go's point about hypothermia: that area gets really hot in the summer so it can be easy for folks to be unprepared for the temps to drop quickly at night. You can have a 50+ degree temperature swing from day to night, particularly camping next to an alpine lake. Make sure to pack a lightweight, warm jacket and maybe a pair of pant/long underwear. 

Keep us posted on your adventure, thanks!

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