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Looking for info on a steel coffee mug I bought many years ago

Hey REI folk! I would need an REI employee whose been around for a loooong time! I bought a wonderful stainless steel coffee mug from you guys probably 20 years ago or more. It had liquid measurements stamped inside the wall on the steel, was vacuum filled (double walled yet pretty thin) and had a detachable steel handle. (the pinch kind - pinch to remove) It was a squat one, about the dimensions of a regular coffee cup, not a tall one.

I can find NO picture of it anywhere online and have searched a LOT on Google. I loved this cup and it was lost several years ago. If I recall it was NOT an REI product but made by ano'ther manufacturer.

I know this is a big ask and probably a lost cause.

Thanks a bunch,


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Yunno, looking at the GSI logo rings a bell. I think that was the logo stamped in the bottom! 🙂

FYI GSI was a bust. They hunted through their collection and even asked the owners. No match. The hunt continues!  🙂


Gah! Okay, well, it was a good first shot. Very cool that they contacted the owners! We'll continue the search!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I'm thinking it may have been Tatonka. I see two (of their) models out there - one with the identical handle, and another with identical top lip and brushed interior. Unfortunately, I can find no way to contact them online.



I just looked at their website, based on your drawing it looks like a combination of their Thermo Plus Stainless Steel mug and the handle off of their Expedition Mug Stainless Steel cup. I also could not find any contact info, have you considered posting your drawing on social media and tagging them? If nothing else you could also DM their Twitter or Instagram accounts to see if they can get you an email address for an inquiry like yours.

Good luck!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I agree on your take on the fusion of the two styles. I should get my 14 year old daughter on it - she'll have a social media blitz going in no time!