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Is there a multi-use helmet for several different outdoor activities?

Would a helmet that uses MIPs  be suitable for climbing, mountaineering, alpine skiing and kayaking. I know there are differences in how sport specific helmets are constructed particularly with respect to number of strikes, impact zone and force dispersion. However it seems like some MIPs helmets (Black Diamond and Mammut) could be more versatile based on their construction. Are there industry standards I can consider when trying to make a selection?

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I use the same helmet for climbing and mountaineering, but a different one for kayaking and skiing.  Don't try and save a few bucks when your brain and your life is at stake.  I helped rescue one climber whose helmet, crushed by a falling rock, almost certainly saved his life. Kind of paid for itself right there....

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There are some industry standards. Ski and Snowboard Helmets (CE EN 1077A/B) , Mountaineering helmets (EN 12492), Bicycle helmets (CE EN 1078 / CPSC 1203), Class I/IV - WW and Canoeing (CE EN 1385). Some helmets have multiple certifications. For instance the camp speed comp is certified for alpine skiing and climbing (