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How to use a cooling bandana?

I purchased a cooling bandanna that can be wrapped around your next to stay cool and I cannot find the instructions on how to make it cool.  There is no identification on the scarf however I do know I ordered  REI . Thank you!

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I have always used  a plain cotton bandanna, soaked in water and tied around my neck.  Works wonders when it is hot and dry.  Same effect, perhaps even better, with a full brimmed cotton hat, also soaked in water.

I would imagine the cooling would be intensified if you placed the article in the freezer before hand....

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Hi @paffett - Thanks for reaching out!

Is the bandana you purchased the Kafka's Kool Tie? If so, instructions for use can be seen on the lower half of the Kool Tie website homepage.

If that is not what you purchased and it is not a plain bandana like @hikermor gave tips for, let us know and we can find that information for you.

Hopefully this helps!

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