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Help Me Understand Something

I have been with REI through some big things in America. I have seen them celebrate Outside with Pride, support Black Lives, stand up against Asian Hate. They regularly advocate for women, plus size and all people to go outside. REI is talking about getting congress involved in green movements.  I have traveled the world enough to know that these conversations would not happen under many tyrannical governments. I have lived in the USA long enough to know that while as a nation we are still far from perfect, we are the best - AND we provide a method for citizens to create change.

So. Knowing all that the USA stands for- Why was REI silent on the fourth of July? It seems that the USA paves the path for everyone to have a voice. The USA provides a formula for REI to exist. Was not posting a simple error? Was it more?

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Simple.  I don't think REI is under any obligation to note the coming of yet another celebration of this country's declared independence.  I am pretty sure that most of us are well aware of the meaning of this holiday.  For all to many of us, the Fourth is simply a long weekend, giving the ability to indulge in mindless frolicking.

REI is about improving access to the outdoors, something I personally support as well.  Patriotism and support of our political institutions is a somewhat different ball game.  I would consider myself a patriot, and I am happy to be in a system that can accommodate peaceful changes and adjustments.

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I understand that nobody has an obligation to post about the 4th. It just seems odd since the USA provide a method for citizens to create change and by a long stretch, supports what REI is doing.


@speakingquitefrankly, why don't you re-post this to "Ask and REI Employee" and see if you can get a response from REI.  They will probably eventually find it here, but you might get a faster response from that other header.

I don't know if you've seen it but there is a take civic action or some sort of name like that section on the REI website.  It's not easy to find and think it should be much more prominent so that we can all participate.  But they are pushing civic participation in getting things done in Washington.

I have flown a flag at my house since 9/11.  I've had people ask me how I could fly that flag under the last administration when they knew I detested what was going on.  My response was that the flag doesn't mean I support the government it means I love this country (and I've lived in other so called "free" countries and they are not the same, much more big brother is watching).  I think we, or REI, shouldn't wait until one day of the year to work toward making this country what it can and should be. I think it is a constant and ongoing struggle in which we should all participate every day of the year.  It should be part of our civic duties along with voting in which we all should participate all year long.

Found Myself Outside

I agree with you! The USA is far from perfect. But REI lost me this last weekend. Hopefully it was in error and they will post this week instead. 

The flag represents all of us- immigrant, child of immigrant, any color, any orientation. WE THE PEOPLE. That is why I love America- even if I don't like what a certain state is doing or a certain person in Washington.

Sorry if this should have been in another location- I am trying to understand what I am missing with the forth. I love REI. I love America. But it seems REI does not love America.