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Geology, do you know the history you have traveled through?

I have been doing cross country road trips for decades. But recently I have found online videos that cover the geology of the places I have been. The Pacific Northwest has a very active geologic past and it is still active. Central Washington University (Nick Zentner) has a large number of YouTube videos of lectures he has presented to the public. A recent one is Supervolcanoes in the Pacific Northwest  it contains information that can be expanded on in previous lectures, like the clockwise rotation of Western Washington around Pendleton, Oregon as tracked by a GPS network on a daily basis.

Other topics like Ice age floods, lava floods, mud flows, tsunamis past and future.... stuff that will color how you see the places you visit... and maybe suggest reasons to visit other places.

The subject matter in Geology is developing very fast with the new technology and many areas may have new online geology video coming out.

How about sharing the geology of areas you live or have visited?   Nick Zentner has covered more than the state of Washington... the processes going on are big ones.

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Have you checked out the live streaming Nick Zentner started doing this last Saint Patrick's Day?  With stuff shutdown because of the Virus, he live streams topics 5 days a week with question and answer time included... he was also recently interviewed on KIRO radio about his reasons for doing it. Things keep getting added to the geology picture.... His Baja BC topic tends to spill over to include San Andreas fault among other things.

The recent Exotic terranes livestreams go into parts of California to Alaska... 

An update   The Introduction to the Exotic terranes series. 

Nick Zentner did 75 livestreams from home.... Nick At Home... then took a Summer break doing the Nick on The Fly series of reports from various location you might like to visit when you can. 

Do you know what Green Schist is? Basalt that was exposed to heat, pressure, and water... A metamorphic rock... Nick tackles the confusing mix of rocks you can find along the West coast of North America... You seen a hiking trail that goes through a mountain of green rocks... the Nick on The Fly episode that uses this example as one of the many references in the Exotic Terranes series... 26 episodes A to Z that builds the information in order to make it more digestible.  The last episode of this series was today... all are on his YouTube channel... he has 101 livestreams posted most with the live chat still intact to view... 


Nick has built an interesting group of people... viewing with live chat replay on will help add context in many cases... ever go on a virtual bicycle ride with a thousand people?.... or a walk, or a hike... the first 75 livestreams have these... Want to get in on the inside jokes and food analogy references?  the Live chat helps... the people who watched were from all over the world, they helped with finding research papers.... the roadside guides he started to use like textbooks have been used for remote reports from viewers of the livestreams... 

If you watch all of professor Nick's YouTube videos , some are short, some run a bit long... think of a good TV series and binge watching for a hundred or more hours.   


Things to look for in watching the Nick Zentner livestreams... 

The interviews with the living geologists that have researched some of the information being presented... emails and live chat comments from the geologists involved in the research. 

The native American who shares some of his tales about different places they visit...

The meeting with the researchers that he will help share their research in the Cascades starting next spring.

The research papers where the titles are shown clearly enough to look them up for you own copy to explore. (know how to do screenshots) 

want to know the people who did the original explorations, several episodes on historic figures

Think of the body of work as a geology class aimed at regular people... very much usable as a class resource for teachers.

The fun moments, the hints on livestreaming in a very entertaining way, and teaching so people remember... learn where the German chocolate cake is... the carrot cake and a new one the fruitcake 

The cat...  you will learn his name...

there is a study group that is likely to be back for future livestreams. And a Facebook group...


The last video for this season (#101 part 2)... Nick asked people to say what they would like to see in the future...

enough of an update for now... if you have trouble finding his videos... or whatever feel free to ask me.