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Debate! Are you a Sunrise or a Sunset person?

As of the writing of this post if you search 'sunrise' and 'sunset' here in the community the scales tip in favor of 'sunset' by a margin of 32 results to 25. But is that a true representation of the people? Because the question has never been asked directly, let's settle this once and for all (for now, at least):

Which do you prefer: Sunrises or Sunsets?

Bonus points for your best (or favorite) photo that you have taken!

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95 Replies

Sunrise hikes every day! 


I’m a sunrise person. I love watching the sky lighten with false dawn and then seeing the sunrise. It’s about walking in the predawn silence and then hearing the first  bird and then another sing their morning songs. 

I personally like sunsets the best. It might be because I have more time to enjoy them. In the morning I am always focused on getting to work. 

I honestly believe the sunrise people must be more motivated so I'm going with sunrise. Plus I live on the East Coast and if I want to see the sun do anything on the ocean horizon it's going to have to be early in the morning


I love the IDEA of sunrises, but I'm rarely up early enough for them, so I'm a sunset vote all the way. Being from western Michigan, I've enjoyed many a sunset over Lake Michigan. Though this is from a kayak camping trip up in Canada on Lake Superior (a recreational kayak is a bad choice, I know; won't make that mistake again), at Pukaskwa National Parque


kayak camping.jpg


Sunset.  A red sunset along the Balcones Fault Line in Texas when you have a westerly view is outstanding.


Sunrise is the best time to greet the day, start fresh, meditate and connect with yourself and nature.  Hands down - morning takes the cake!


Great photo and quote!

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Todd the Hiker

Sunrise it what I've watched the most.    Mostly from the east coast of NC.   I prefer sunrise.     I love the mix of colors the clouds change to and from.  Sunrise over the ocean with greys, blues, pinks and bright oranges mixed with gold clouds..   But " nothing gold can stay"   Totally awesome!! Sunrise over the mountains as well.  The low-level clouds of light grey and white settle in the valleys, appear as calm bodies of water, with dark mountians protruding up to the fabulous sky filled with the same colors!!

However, I will definitely watch sunset too. Sunsets over the mountians really do hold true the song lyrics " Oh beautiful, for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain, For purple mountain majesties, Above the fruited plain."    The leafy greens fade to darker greens, and darker purples, briliant oranges , reds and golds show themselves on the clouds at sunset too.   

I would have to say I am 50% sunrise, 50% sunset... All depends on where I am at at the times when the sun is rising or setting!20201228_070545.jpg20201124_065443.jpg20201020_073929.jpg20201019_073333.jpg


Sunrise! Hearing all the birds coming to life is one of my favorite sounds. Especially since I have swallows nesting on my front porch right now. And it’s wonderful when most everyone else is still asleep. But sunsets are pretty great too!