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Debate! Are you a Sunrise or a Sunset person?

As of the writing of this post if you search 'sunrise' and 'sunset' here in the community the scales tip in favor of 'sunset' by a margin of 32 results to 25. But is that a true representation of the people? Because the question has never been asked directly, let's settle this once and for all (for now, at least):

Which do you prefer: Sunrises or Sunsets?

Bonus points for your best (or favorite) photo that you have taken!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.
95 Replies

Always been a sunset person 😄  


Sunset I only get up early to go to work or go hiking. 


I must say I am a bit (or a lot) of both.  I am an early riser so do so enjoy seeing the sunrise over the Cascades which is often a magnificent if not blinding sight.  Then again we are situated to see some awe inspiring sunsets across Puget Sound over to Whidbey.  As an early riser the sunset is a signal my day is winding down to a close as well and I am hopeful I shone half as brightly as the sunset or sunrise I am privileged to witness in my beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Thanks for asking John.


I love sunsets just a point more than sunrises just because I feel like the colors are more intense, of course location is important when it comes to any of them but specially sunsets at the beach. 
I do have to say that sunrises come with a more powerful message, the transition of getting up earlier than the average and the effort of it, going from dark to light and the feeling of a new opportunity ! 
here I share one sunset from California and one of my favorite sunrise ever in Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park! 





Sunsets produce better colors.

 I love both sunrises and sunsets but since I rarely see a sunrise my vote would be for sunsets. My wife and I retired to Northeastern Italy a few years ago and we are treated to some very nice sunrises and sunsets. The first photo is a sunrise I saw while getting ready to meet a friend to go pick grapes. The second photo is a sunset from our house and the third is a sunset we caught a few years ago while on the island of St.Thomas.






I’m a sun in the morning type of person in general. The blast is best! . But sunsets are nice 


Sunsets are the perfect time to be still, reflect, and be grateful at the end of another day..


I would have to say the sunset is the best because it's the start of the real show, stars.

Backing packing along the Washington Coast.

Ocean Sunset.jpg


Definitely sunrise. Always give a a good feel to a good day to experience a great sunrise. This one is from Wetterhorn looking over to peak Uncompahgre peak in Colorado.