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Best beanie in the world?

Fellow REI-ers, 

Since 2004 I have been wearing the same type beanie (I call it a toboggan, though the Webster definition is a downhill sled), a Mountain Hardwear Dome Perignon Hat. I have had four of these same model hats and have suggested many friends over the years of buying one. Many of them have! It is something I would swear by, on hiking trips camping trips, and anywhere outdoors. I even have the worn out first one I got in 2004.This hat is made with quality materials, and has windproof 3M polarfleece. One of the best hats you could ever own, being $40.

I have wondered for the last couple years when MH would replace it with a newer 'cheaper' design, and this year 2020, they have. I purchased the last one from Amazon, in July 2019, however misplaced it on my recent Disney Trip in December. If you go and look around for the 'MH Dome Perignon II hat' you will find it has been replaced by something MH refers to as the 'Dome Perignon Pro' or 'Dome Perignon Lite' --if you read the REI, or Amazon reviews people comment this product IS NOT the same as the once previous made 'Dome Perignon hat' and it has cheaper, thinner quality materials. 

I know everything that is once great does not last forever. 

I have looked and looked, and looked for another one in size XL, and have had to come to the conclusion that it is not out there any longer. My question for you other outdoor enthusiasts, explorer adventurers, and fellow REI-ers, what is your favorite beanie (toboggan), that has suited all of your needs outdoors, kept you warm, cuddled you when it got really cold, or just kept your ears warm?  





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@tco2504 you are not alone in your love of this beanie! I've been working at the co-op a long time and have had lots and lots of customers over the years who also adored this hat, seeking it out specifically and purchasing it repeatedly. Thanks for sharing your feedback on the changes made to it - and hope you're able to find another beanie you love!

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Hi @tco2504 !

Have you checked the Mountain Hardwear site?  I see all the hats you mentioned.  The Dome Perignon, available in a Men's or Women's version (@ $38); the Dome Perignon Pro (@ $40); and the Dome Perignon Lite (@ $32).

Not sure if it's still made the same as your original favorite, but thougt it worth mentioning, in case you had overlooked that.

Good luck!

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@Rob6, this particular hat I refer to was dubbed the "Dome Perignon Hat II" and was much different from the new two models on their website. As @REI-JenK spoke of and what @Philreedshikes is wearing in the photo.

The old REI product number was: 1678361.  


Sorry.  I tried.  Was hoping for your sake that you had just overlooked that option.  As for me personally, It doesn't get that cold in my neck of the woods, and I tend to "run hot" so I usually wear nothing more than a Buff.  And, if that isn't enough, I have a selection of generic beanies, including ones from a places I've visited.  I hope to hike Iceland sometime soon, so I may need a good recommendation for a warm hat.

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

Here in Warrior, Alabama we have 4 seasons, with a high level of humidity in each. Whether it is in the 60's or down to 15 degrees, this particular Dome Perignon Hat never failed. I am going to stick it out with Mountain Hardwear and purchase these two.   





@Rob6, BTW, I had the opportunity to do the Laugavagur Trail (hot springs) in Iceland this past July 2019.

Most of the videos I viewed, and I think I saw all of them, were pretty much "hey look at me on this snowy part" or "hey look at me the wind is blowing".  And pretty much nothing that really helps on a true backpacking trip.

From the flights, to the buses, to the hostel, to the trail head, I will be glad to share my logistics info.

For the most part we had great weather and were able to take good photos and video (sony a6000) and some iphone, we had to walk in the rain/sleet just 1 day and  I didn't bring my waterproof camera.

Anyway, I have two vids on my youtube channel, 1 just the pics I loved, and 1 which is video of the trip.

I'm very happy to share the details.

good luck

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eh, not my number one favorite, needed something with a bit more 'stretchyness'



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@Philreedshikes Does it keep you warm? 🙂 


hmm, my reply disappeared, so trying again.

Yes, it kept my head warm, however, I eventually swapped it out for a beanie with a little more 'stretchiness' so I could pull down over my face on really cold nights.

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