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Any tips for first time backpacker!!!

Hello, Matthew here! I was wondering on some tips you guys can provide me for backpacking in Georgia for next year! I want to figure out what items to buy and get everything situated for next year this year and also how much ideally should i need to save up for all the gear!!!!!


Thank you in advanced!!!

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And one more thing:  cost.

How much your gear will cost you depends on several things.  If you decide to go for the ulta lightweight gear, its going to cost lots and remember the lightweight fabrics often don't last as long which means you will be replacing it sooner.  If you decide you can give some in the weight department, you will spend less and the gear will likely be more durable meaning longer time before replacing, assuming you take care of it.  I'm hedging a little on the durability area as there is so much variability between manufacturers.  Remember, if you buy from REI you can take it out and try it and return it if it doesn't work for you and you  have a year in which to make that decision.

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