Another good read about women in the outdoors.   Diedre Wolownick is the Mom of insane free-climber Alex Honnold (the guy in the movie "Free Solo").   She took up climbing in her 60's and persuaded her famous son to take her climbing.   (That's exactly what I'd do if my kid were Alex Honnold).  

What I especially loved about this outdoorsy memoir is, Wolownick is a normal middle-aged woman -- not superhumanly athletic or fearless.  She describes that before climbing her relationship with the outdoors is mostly mediated through other people's skills and preferences and she often felt like she was just being dragged along.  Her book is entirely honest about the burden of caretaking and the second shift of housework that gets dumped on moms.  Once her kids grow up, climbing becomes a way to re-claim her sense of self.   I think a lot of women will see themselves in Wolownick's journey.  In any case, it resonates with me.