I just read "Things I Learned from Falling" by Claire Nelson about her hiking accident at Joshua Tree.  Nelson was house sitting nearby and decided to go on a day hike.  She got off trail and fell, shattering her pelvis and had to survive basically immobilized for four days before rescuers found her.    Tales of outdoors accidents are  fascinating to read because I always wonder, could that happen to me?  In this case, I would have felt pretty comfortable hiking solo on a well-traveled National Park trail with the pack she took.  Her critical mistake was getting off-trail, even though she had two maps in her pack (she describes using them for sun shelter as she lies immobilized by her injury).   It's pretty clear in the story that she's not especially good at reading maps or navigating, but for the trail she was on that shouldn't have been an issue . Nelson  also had a cell phone, but no service.  She used it to record herself when she thought she might die (never trust your life to a battery, right?).  My takeaway is that she was adequately prepared but something went wrong anyway.   Her tale of survival shows real ingenuity and fortitude, and of course her takeaway is, you should be more appreciative of the people in your life.   The book is a good read.  Has anyone else read it?  What did you think?


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