Duluth Trading Co. has some great hiking pants with generous pockets and cargo style. They come in all kinds of sizes and lengths. In cooler climates, I love the fire hose flex cargo pants. I also have lighter weight Columbia pants that come in all different sizes. They have ample and deep pockets, too. Duluth's Dry on the Fly are nice for hiking, too, but I think I like the Columbia a bit better. 

Dry on the Fly Cargo: https://www.duluthtrading.com/womens-dry-on-the-fly-bootcut-cargo-pants-46708.html?dwvar_46708_color...

Firehose: https://www.duluthtrading.com/womens-duluthflex-fire-hose-relaxed-fit-pants-34701.html?dwvar_34701_c...

Columbia Saturday Trail Convertible pants: https://www.columbia.com/p/womens-saturday-trail-ii-pant-1579851.html?dwvar_1579851_color=010


I am in love with Prana Halle and Mariel Leggings. I size up so they're a little looser and can fit my phone, inhaler and various other gear when canyoneering. Plus, they make your butt look great!

Also would appreciate recs for long sizes that aren't men's, which tend to lay differently than women's pants on me and can make them hard to stay in place!


Forget it; Women pant garment makers simply refuse to modify. You WILL loose anything in your pockets. 



Women pants  pockets are the pits for depth. Ive compared pockets in mens and women. Mens are deeper.

I have to buy Mens to accomodate my needs for deeper pockets for my cell phone.  Guess vendors do not want to mar any female anatomy. 


Only pants worthy are my cop pants with deep pockets. Pricey, but provide needed length and pocket depth. Try any police outfitter.

I often hike in a Macabi Skirt which is all about the pockets.  They are deep and have a zipper pouch on one side and an internal pocket for cell phones and other debris on the other side

They convert into weird looking but perfectly functional pants and shorts.  In order to wear one you have to genuinely not care how you look.   

I love these so much I have them in 4 different colors.