So glad you brought this up - and will try some of these suggestions. 

Because I'm on the smaller side, sales people look at me funny when I ask for something in a curvy fit - I don't think clothing manufacturers and a lot of others realize that it's the difference between your waist size and your hips and butt size that make you a curvy fit!! If something fits my hips and butt, then I have this huge gap at the waist, and if they're a pant that's sized by waist, I can't even pull them up!  I HATE pant shopping!!!   Can't tell I'm frustrated, can you??😂

If anyone else has more brand recommendations, please share and thanks!!


I wish. I’m similar size. Tried on a bunch of ski pants at REI and another store last year, either extremely baggy or couldn’t get over my butt. Unfortunately also only bad experience I’ve had with the workers at REI they basically said tough luck and didn’t really help me at all (not my usual experience there). Still haven’t found a good ski pant. I almost always hike in leggings. I have a pair of smartwool leggings that I LOVE and always take camping/backpacking. 

I am a bit late in posting to this thread but thought I would add that Mountain Hardware's Dynama pants (last years) are also wonderful for women who have curves. I have a very small waist compared to my hips/thighs and have a difficult time finding hiking pants that fit and these fit wonderful. I have the shorts and pants from 2019-2020. I have not tried this years dynama 2 compare to last years version. 

I'm also a bit late to this thread, but as a tall and curvy woman I LOVE the 'REI Co-op Kornati Roll-Up Pants.  They are sturdy, but breathable.  I've used them in the hot summer months, or in the fall/winter with my Smartwool base layer underneath.  

Not REI but I love Eddie Bauer Women’s Guide Pro pants and shorts. They offer a ton of stretch without being constructive. I have a weird unproportioned lower body and these shorts don’t ride up my thighs so no chafing. Also they keep their size which is appreciated after five solid days of wearing them on the trail. 


I just found a promising review for the Fjallraven High Coast Lite Trousers for women. The review is only from March of 2021, but already I am having trouble finding them. I feel like every time I find pants that fit my thick thighs and normal waist they just disappear. Do all clothing manufacturers only listen to models? It is like a single review of someone saying "fits in the waist but is baggy in the thighs" is enough to make women's pants designers run for the hills. Whereas those pants would probably fit me perfectly! As it is 99.99% of my reviews for women's hiking pants are "too tight in the thighs and major gap in the waist." But those seem to be the reviews that get ignored. Here's hoping someone's listening...


I know this is an old thread, but for work pants, I HIGHLY recommend Red Ants Pants. They are a small company out of Montana and make the best fitting work pants I've ever work. Alas, they don't make any insulated/winter pants (yet??).