Hey outdoor ladies! Have any of you found good hiking pants, work pants, or skiing pants for curvy women? It seems like so many of the pants (and even tights) out there cater to the lean muscular build. I do pretty well with the Columbia Saturday trail pants. Ski pants are very difficult. I also have never been able to find a good pair of work pants (the women's Carhartts do not work well for curvy women). 

For reference, I am quite curvy (typically fit size 8 to 10 around my waist and 12-14 around my hips).  


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I am also quite curvy (and currently pregnant) and I just found the North Face Aphrodite pants(capris) for hiking.  The waistband is stretchy and I assume it would flatter a multitude of figures.  I always have a difficult time finding comfortable hiking pants, so I ended up ordering 2 pairs.

I'm similarly sized to you in the waist/hips, and also 6'0", so I totally understand your pain!  Pants shopping is the WORST.  I have an old pair of Marmot hiking pants that are slighlty stretchy, and I've been wearing them for more than 5 years now to the point where they are almost threadbare in places, but I cannot buy that style anymore and I refuse to give them up!

I know that REI has Plus sizes, but the extra room afforded for the butt/thighs in Plus size pants doesn't usually translate for sizes 8-12, in my experience, even though many of us are at that in-between size.  I am quite fit and just happen to have very strong/thick thighs and butt.  Women's Carhartt pants are absolutely NOT made for anybody with a butt (and have zero stretch).  I work outside and need heavy work pants as well; I find that Duluth Trading Co has great sizing for me personally, and unfortunately have not found anything that fits quite as well at REI in the work pants department.  For ski pants, I tend to simply get at least one size bigger than usual- since I typically would wear a base layer anyway, it doesn't seem to really matter for looks.  When it comes to regular hiking pants I find that I usually end up trying on 10 pairs and *maybe* find one that I like.  At least these days I can find Tall sizes, which is a nice change from years past.


@Baileythat is a great question. I am a curvy fit and have tried different options over the year. For hiking, I have found that I have a lot of success with pants that have a bit of stretch, a drawstring waist and a higher rise. The Prana Halle pants or the REI Co-op Kornati Roll-up pants would be a couple of options, in addtion to the North Face Aphrodite pants that @mzsmoot suggested. 

For ski pants, I have had a lot of luck going with an insulated pant over a lightweight base layer. As with hiking pants, I tend to opt for a pant with a higher rise and an adjustable waist. The Patagonia Insulated Snowbelle pants and North Face Freedom Insulated pants would both be great options. I would suggest trying them on with the base layer you plan to wear, it can make a lot of difference in the fit. 

For work and day-to-day,  I have found that really like a jogger. There are so many options available and they tend to fit me really well; a little looser in the hips while still fitting in the waist. 

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I’m curvy big hips/thighs... Patagonia regular fit is my go to for rain pants and ski pants!   

Hopefully it's ok to recommend a non-rei item, but for winter hiking, I've found LL Bean has some good lined hiking pants that fit my wide hips and big thighs. They run up to a size 20.

@Athryn it is totally fine to recommend brands other than REI! We want this community to be as helpful as possible - and these topics help us hear about areas of outdoor gear where we have opportunity to serve y'all better! Thanks for chiming in on this topic!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I have the same dimensions and have not found a good solution. REI pants are generally cut too narrow, though not as narrow as Prana and Patagonia pants which never, ever fit my hips. I have had some luck with Arc teryx sigma AR pants, but they aren't light weight and don't have a short option. Athleta seems more generally cut for curvy women and I have had good luck with shorts but not pants. Tights are my go-to, but don't work so well on hiking trails or in rain. So, I am down to tailoring....it's a shame - we are not the only two women in the universe with these sorts of dimensions and figures!

It's great that women of all sizes and shapes are active, but we need clothes that work with us.  I am a different build but still challenged to find good fitting clothes. I am short, so tailoring for length is a given most of the time.  I am also thicker waisted, thanks to menopause, and many REI brands don't give room, unless I find an adjustable waist.  I have found a ski bib that may work for you based on many, many customer reviews.  They are Arctix ski bibs, and found on Amazon.  They worked for me.  I read where it is OK to post other brands.  I have some Columbia capris I wear for kayaking, and they seem well cut in the hip/thigh.  Best of luck, Kathy

@kgawley59 thanks for sharing this info! It is totally fine to post about other brands here in the community, as our goal is to help folks get outside faster, easier and more comfortably! Your feedback also gives the co-op an opportunity to understand what's working well (and not) and find ways to improve - so, thanks!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.