@dlamay thanks for reaching out! We actually have lots of options for multi-day backpacking packs for petite women but first, we have 2 questions:

  • Do you know the specific length of your torso? If not, you can follow the steps in this article on how to fit a backpack to know what size pack you should choose. In general, you're likely looking for an XS or SM women's frame.
  • Do you know how much volume you want/need in your pack? This will be affected by how lightweight/compact your gear is or isn't and how much gear you are carrying on your own/sharing with others - again, in general, you probably want to look at a pack that's around 60L.

So, with those 2 parameters in mind (XS/SM women's frame and ~60L), here are a few choices we'd recommend:

How your pack fits is really important for how comfortable you'll be backpacking, so when possible, we always recommend getting fit by one of our employees. You can do this virtually with an outfitting appointment or in person at your local REI store.

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