Hi @Kasha,

If you're looking for a cup size of E or lower, I'd also like to suggest:

Lululemon Enlite Zip Front Bra: Very comfortable, and fairly supportive. It's a seamless construction, however, which means you have to be very, very careful never to put them in the dryer, which can cause the welds to separate over time. 

Target Women's High Support Zip Bra and Women's High Support Convertable Strap Bra.

I took a chance on these bras and was quite surprised and satisfied with their level of support for running! The Target bras go up to 42 DDD and 44 DDD respectfully. 

If you need a cup size larger than E, I'd second the recommendation for SheFit! My sister convinced me to order one (en route to me now!) They don't follow traditional cup and band sizing, so you'll have to measure your bust and rib cage at home prior to placing an order. From there, she said that it takes a minute to dial in the band and strap adjustments, but that she's noticed very little motion while running. 

Hope this helps!

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