Hello there @Kasha!  As a fellow plus sized woman, I am happy to weigh in on this subject!

Not knowing exactly what size you are looking for, I can at least let you know what has worked for me.  Starting with what is available through REI, I cannot say enough good things about the Brooks Maia Bra.  It has been my favorite for years.  No need to pull a bra awkwardly overhead and risk getting tangled or strangled!  Equally great is the Brooks Fiona Bra.  If you can't find these in the right size for you through REI, I would take a look at Brooks directly.

The last one I have to recommend is the SheFit Bra.  I found this bra during quarantine and I love it so much.  I saw it on Instagram so many times and wasn't sure it was worth the hype.  I think it is!  I love the adjustability and the fact that it zips in the front making it the easiest to get in and out of!

Hope this info helps and that some other ladies will be willing to offer additional suggestions!   


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