@ALTKey  Good Lord my legs got cramped just reading your list in paragraph one 🙂  Just teasing...I did my first trip with a 55 pound pack on the peaks section of the Long Trail; never again.   First off, get rid of the hatchet; you will never need it.  Secondly,....well, you have had one bad trip with a heavy pack.  My experience is that with each successive trip you will go home and get more brutal with your assessment of what you will and won't need.  Be aggressive but not short-sighted.  For instance, you have a poncho and pack raincover; just use a poncho that covers you *and* the pack so you only have that.  Get rid of extra tent stakes, day pack, etc. etc.  And stay away from the mindset "heck this thing only weighs an ounce or 1/2 an ounce, just keep it."  Start purging your pack of the little things and before long you'll be down to a much more manageable weight.