Nervous new solo backpacker

I'm an avid day-hiker, who recently decided to make the jump to backpacking and I'm planning on doing a couple solo overnighters this summer. I am looking for any tips or advice other women with solo backpacking experience can share about safety, specifically around other hikers. I realize that the risk of being injured from a twisted ankle or unsafe drinking water is probably much higher than running into another hiker who tries to attack me, but it's still the latter that gives me more anxiety. I have experience traveling solo before, but something about being alone in the wilderness can trigger some panic. I have had a few panic episodes even just on day hikes when there are few other hikers around and I come upon another male hiker, and my flight or flight kicks in. It's absolutely not their fault, usually they just say hi and pass by, and I feel bad for reacting like they are going to hurt me but I can't help it. I guess I am just looking to see if any one else deals with this, and what advice you can share to move past it? I really don't want something like this to keep me from activities I really enjoy doing.

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