@Rob6 I heartily second the opinion about Mora knives, but "batoning" escapes me.  I have built many campfires in many condition over the last sixty plus years, and I have never felt the need to baton anything, never, not once.

You can break down, dead wood into shorter pieces by propping them up and stepping smartly in their middle (or drop a heavy rock).  This will produce splinters as well, useful for your fire.

Actually, wood fires are obsolete - inefficient, environmentally scaring, and potentially wildly destructive (if they escape).  Go with a stove instead, preferably a canister type.  It will weigh less than your hatchet, and properly used, will leave no trace.  Other alternative fuels are also used- white gas, kerosene, and alcohol.  All have their place.

Brynsharp's post is excellent.  A tent is much more effective than a hammock, especially above timberline, in the desert, and in snow, all of which are some of my favorite places.  if you are dealing with low temps only in the 50s, there are many light weight sleeping bags which will keep you quite comfortable, especially if you are on an insulated pad lying on the ground.

Definitely invest in a good backpack.  It is one of the most important of the three B's - Boots, Backpack, and Bag (sleeping).  Shop wisely and it will be money well spent.

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