I'm looking for water-resistant or waterproof trail pants. A friend recommended full zip legs, and I asked, "Where do you get those?" 


"Um... not in my size."

Do full zip pants in 1X-3X exist anywhere?  Are there men's Big and/or Tall that might work?  (I am short *and* fat so I'd prefer 'big' rather than 'tall.')  Will the co-op ever start a line of these?


@RobotDr thanks so much for reaching out! Unfortunately, we aren't carrying many full-zip options for women - since it sounds like that is the most important feature you're looking for, we'd recommend considering the men's REI Co-op Rainier Full-Zip Rain Pant.

If you have some flexibility on a rain pant without a full-zip (but still with quite a wide opening at the bottom to accommodate boots), we'd recommend the women's REI Co-op Essential Rain Pants, the REI Co-op Talusphere Pants or the REI Co-op XeroDry GTX Pants.

Let us know if we can help provide any additional information about one or more of these styles!

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@RobotDr Hello there!

I just wanted to weigh in on one of @REI-JenK‘s recommendations!

I love the REI Talusphere pant! I am a big girl and was looking for a waterproof pant last year to wear while skiing. I found this pant to be my solution! And while it isn’t full zip, I had no problems getting them on and off around bulky ski boots. In addition I love the stretch that these pants offer. 

I hope one of these options work for you. 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.