@ADivineCanine I hear ya!  When it's bad, there just doesn't seem to be much you can do, right?!?  I use ExOfficio underwear because it dries so fast, but sports bras seem to be another things entirely.  If they're thick, they just seem to hold all the moisture and get even heavier and less useful.  I'm currently using a seamless Odlo that I purchased from REI (the same model doesn't seem to be available now), that seems to do the trick.  No seams is great for not chafing and it has double straps for support.  I was just reading about another brand that has one with mesh in the center front/ back to wick away sweat better (I'll have to look for it again for myself!) that looked like it could work.  As for pants and tops, I just go with synthetic and as light weight as I can in summer and then for layered clothing look for anything with vents under arms, etc.  Women's clothing certainly doesn't seem to have the right features.  Sometimes you can get away with the men's model with vents in the places we need as much as they do!  I'll also admit to always searching out darker colors to hide the wet marks 😉