Because of COVID-19 and the whole "TP" issue, I've been using fast drying dish type rags at home and just washing them out with soap and water in the sink and reusing them (they dry very fast). I've saved my "TP" stash from disappearing during the "stay-at-home" orders and it has worked very well for me. I use TP only for #2. I have only been to the store twice in the 6 weeks now that I've been off work. And I still do NOT need any TP...thank God. I don't even want to think about what life would be like with no TP. :^) LOL

That being said, this topic caught my eye today because I've never thought about it for camping. However, I have been researching portable toilets recently because all of the campgrounds in WI sound like they will require people to have their own bathroom in order to go camping this summer.  I'm really missing friends and getting together with them as I'm sure everyone else is. Prior to the pandemic, we already had 3-4 camping trips booked for the 2020 summer months. Now we don't know if we can go and a lot of the good portable toilets are sold out. The book suggestion might help me; however, I'm probably not going to be in the woods if we are just car camping. Does anyone know of a good way to make your own bathroom right at your camp in a campground? I'm looking for something inexpensive (but better than the whole 5 gal pail idea) because I'm hoping these new campground rules are temporary.... ???? "hoping & praying"???