@Hiker_44 Great question!

Based on what you're describing a packraft is likely the best way to go! Packrafting was born in Alaska as a way to move through the rugged landscape and extend trips well beyond what was possible before. While they are primarily design as river boats (often with whitewater options), they can definitely be used on lakes and for fishing. 

Paddling them is a little bit different than a kayak or canoe, which often have molded or attached keels to keep them on track. A packraft handles much more like a whitewater kayak, where each paddle stroke provides a lot of turning power to the boat (very helpful when avoiding rocks, sweepers, trees, and huge rapids). They are super rugged (often times used in Alaska as a sled and towed behind a skier or mountaineer) and incredibly light and small for a boat. If you want to get out on the water in remote locations there is nothing better than a packraft!

Here is a cool video to give you some idea of their versatility and to help stoke your enthusiasm for what is possible. Enjoy!


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