I purchased this PFD March 29, 2021.  I just got around to reading the instruction of how to charge it so I could start using it. In the instructions it states that the date on the bobbin should not be more than 3 years from today's date.  The date on the bobbin is April 29, 2018. Not quite 3 years from the date of purchase but definitely more than 3 years from today, 9/1/21. Being ignorant of how these pfd work, is this significant? Sould I go buy a replacement kit before using? 



Thanks for reaching out!

For a question like this, where safety is involved, it is really important to get your information directly from the source. We recommend reaching out to NRS directly, which you can via phone, email, or live chat, from their Customer Service page here.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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Done. Thanks John

Contact with a NRS Customer Service verified that the bobbin needs to be replaced before the pfd can be used. Unfortunately the Covid slow train is carrying these replacement parts. They are not expected to be available until December.