Apparently, I have been chosen as our groups "planner". So far we have visited the Okefenokee as well as 50 miles of the Suwanee River.

What are your favorite paddle camping destinations in the Southeast US? (or any you would recommend against?)



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Hi @dadDale - Thanks for reaching out!

I'm from New Orleans, but have made my way north many times to get out on the water and am always impressed with the quality of waterways around the southeast. The following stand out to me as great rivers with paddle-in campsites:

  • North Fork New River to New River State Park (North Carolina)
  • Tennessee River Blueway (Tennessee) 
  • Buffalo National River (Arkansas) - This is a bit of a drive from more typical SE USA destinations, but a really impressive spot! The Upper District can have more active water, though there are Tyler Bend and Buffalo Point routes too.

Hopefully this helps. If you're willing to share, it would be fun to hear where you end up taking your crew!

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Thanks for the info

Will report back



I've only paddled a small portion, but I'm intrigued by the Choctawhatchee. It runs from southern Alabama down into Florida and out into the Gulf. The upper reaches are pretty remote. Of particular interest is that people claim to have seen Ivory bill woodpeckers along it! No proof, of course, but an intriguing possibility considering the bird is thought to have gone extinct 70+ years ago.

Sounds like you're down my way... I'm in Jacksonville. What group are you planning trips for?


We are near Atlanta actually, the group includes mostly friends from our local church as well as some others.

Will add the Choctawhatchee to my list



Definitely lots of nice places up that way. I haven't done much paddling up there, but my in-laws are over near the Alabama line and on the drive up I'm always seeing places I'd like to go. So many places, so little time!


I have a friend who is a long time kayakcamper, I'll try to get him to join.

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