I'm a big fan on the AdvancedElements inflatable kayaks. The model I have - the convertible - is pretty heavy at 65 pounds but it's a tandem and also 15' in length. That said, inflatables are typically heavier than rigid kayaks but they're easier to store and haul (no carrier on your car's roof).

One point, if I may. You said you would possibly wear a life vest.

If you've never paddled... okay, regardless of your paddling experience, I would strongly urge you to ALWAYS wear your PFD. According to the US Coast Guard, 76% of water deaths are from drowning and 85% of those were cases where the person was not wearing their PFD.

If you find yourself suddenly dumped into cold water, you can expect your heart rate to jump by 25% immediately and the surprise/shock of that happening can impair your thought process.

The other thing is that very few people have ever really attempted to try to put on their PFD while in water. It's an incredibly difficult maneuver. 

So please wear your PFD and make sure you have a good whistle attached to it (most states have a whistle as required safety equipment on a kayak or canoe).


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