That's how mine hangs, over my wife's car.  Smiley Wink  Homemade block and tackle.  Single gang pulley on each end, top one screwed into the rafter studs.  For maximum lifting advantage, tie the standing end to the top pully, run it down to the lower one (fastened to straps around the canoe), back up to the upper pulley, then down where you can pull on it.  You get a 50% mechanical advantage for each moving strand.  Also, don't make the same mistake I did and use a thin rope even if it'll hold the weight!  My first one was too thin to get a grip on;  had to replace it with a thicker one I could easily grasp.  I tie the running end to the forward and rear gunnels.  Also, if I'm hoisting it alone, I have to take her up in stages, fore and aft, to keep it from slipping out of the straps.

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