Hey everyone!

I'm a newbie SUPer.  I bought a used board 2  years ago and for various reasons haven't been able to get out much but my knee is getting better and I'm really looking forward to getting out more.  The used paddle I bought with the board is rather heavy, being adjustable in length and having a plastic/nylon head.  I'm looking to upgrade to a better and lighter paddle so am looking for the communities expertise and suggestions.  My board is a solid board and not an inflatable as my instructor friend I bought it from told me they were better for doing yoga as the mats were thicker and easier on your knees if you fall.  My planned use is yoga and just paddling around inland lakes.  Guess I should say I'm a tall 5'11" (used to be 6' but am at that stage of life...) thin lanky lady with a 36 in inseam and arm length to match, and wear a men's size 11 shoe.  In case that info helps.

I can figure out the correct length I think based on what feels right with my adjustable paddle and the size chart on the Werner paddle website, but if someone has some experience/suggestions for length, I'd be interested to hear.  I'm 5'11" so I'm thinking about 80".

All my kayak paddles are small diameter shaft and I'll stick with that for my SUP.

It looks like for head size I have the choice of 85 or 95 sq in.  Thoughts on which might be better?

All my kayak paddles are bent shaft and I really like those.  I used to see bent shaft SUP paddles but am not seeing those anymore.  Is there an advantage to them or do they really have no ergonomic value?

I'm not stuck on Werner, I just really like my Werner kayak paddles.

Thanks for your help!

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