Hey @KayakTony , it looks like you were paddling fishing kayaks?  So when you mentioned rapids, I'm assuming they were only like class I and easy to navigate?  I can't imagine doing much more with kayaks where you sit as high as it looks like you were sitting and most fishing kayaks I've seen are pretty flat bottomed.  I'd be paddling either a 12 ft crossover or a 16.5 ft sea kayak and my boyfriend would be paddling a 15 ft kayak.  If we are stopping to camp along the way I'd probably have the sea kayak as it has more storage space since it has a front bulkhead as well as a rear whereas the crossover only has a rear bulkhead.  If we base camp I'd bring my crossover.

It sounds like after a while you gave up making progress down river and stayed camped at the same place for a few nights.  Did you then just paddle up and down the same stretch of water every day or did you have access to cars to move your kayaks down river?

Also, I'm assuming since there were multiple of you paddling together, you arranged your own car shuttle?  If not, what service did you use?

Sorry for all the questions.  I'm looking for a kayak camping adventure for August.


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