GRAND CANYON RIVER TRIP FOR TWO!!! Rare Opportunity – Once in a Life Time – Would it be crazy to be spontaneous? Have you ever dreamed about traveling down the Colorado River, riding the rapids, viewing the Grand Canyon from the bottom up, on a six day, five night trip, great people, great food, amazing connection with nature?  We just had two spots come available for our departure on June 30 – back on July 5th.  This will be my family’s fourth time.  We made reservations back in Nov. 2019 – in the future you need to plan one to two years out.  The price includes: airfare from Las Vegas to Marble Canyon, a van ride to the launch site, Lee’s Landing, six days, five nights, food, equipment, helicopter ride out of the canyon, and flight back to Las Vegas. Western River Expedition is the organization, and they are fantastic - google them, grand Canyon 6-7 day trip and watch the videos.  I reserved one raft of 14.  We have 12 and looking for two more.   If you are interested, please respond asap.  Price is $3,345 per person. Please contact me <email removed by moderator>


Hi @TomNSeattle - Thanks for sharing this with the community! We hope you are able to find some others interested in joining you for your trip. 

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