Hi, I'm looking for a recommendation for a sleeping pad.  I'll be on a boat traveling the Keys in late July.  I'm not sure what R value I should be looking for, I need something ultra light.  Do you have any suggestions?  Thank you

I don't think you will need much R value in the Keys in July.  I would go with a closed mesh pad, simple and low maintenance.

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@ESat - This is a great question!

@hikermor's suggestion is a good one. @Philreedshikes - did any specific sleeping pad stick out as the best among you and your kayaking partners during your recent trip to the Everglades?

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not really, it was only mid April, but it was quite warm at night, mid 60's, everyone had a different blow up pad.

I think any low R value pad, like a normal thermarest neoair, would do fine.  I recommend trying it out on the living room floor before hand.

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A boat deck in mid-July in the Florida keys is likely to get hot.  Maybe not the highest R-value, but I think I'd look for a pad with a little more than the run of the mill pad just to keep the heat from coming through from the deck.  Might help keep you a little cooler at night.  Insulation stops not only the cold from coming through but the hot as well.

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