My friends and I enjoy kayaking in the local lakes and rivers but we were tired of going to our typical place and decided to go somewhere new. It was a river/creek that was over grown and just deep enough for us to kayak on. So all 8 of us pile our kayaks on this little river in the middle of mid Michigan farm land/woods. 

We are about two or three miles down the river and we are about 5-10 feet away in a large conga line. Me and my boyfriend got stuck on a downed tree that was barely on the surface of the water. He, being the wonderful 6’1” man he is, gets into the waste deep water and pushed me over the tree. So we are now about 50 feet from our friends ahead. They went around a bend and we couldn’t see them anymore. 

Suddenly we heard a yell, a loud thump, and a large splash. When we get around the bend, there is our friend, standing next to his flipped kayak, yelling something incoherent. He keeps showing us his hands and said he went to grab a vine and there was a spider “this huge” on it and proceeded to show everyone in the group how big it was. 

Please enjoy these photos of my friend and his “huge spider” 




That is his bother, helping him find his paddle while he goes to turn over his kayak. 

Moral of the story: if you see a spider, stay calm and float on. Or run the risk of flipping your kayak in front of all your friends. 

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