Is this recreational kayaking? Do you have a sit-in or a sit-on? I have been recreationally kayaking for years in the north (Mi), I have a sit-on, and I wear a range of clothing from water-resistant, to leggings, shorts, sweatpants, hoodies, all depends on what you plan on doing. I kayak on a lake and will fish occasionally. I don't normally get wet because I go on calm days in the fall or spring. In the summer, bathing suits all the way. 

Best brands I have found to be comfortable, water-resistant, and not restricting: 

Columbia: shirts, cargo pants, sweaters. Look at some of their fishing gear. 

UnderArmour: shorts, sweat pants, leggings

Northface: Waterproof jackets/shells

Athleta: they have some nice quick-dry leggings

Patagonia: pants/leggings

LuluLemon occasionally, if I am feeling fancy 🙂 

Helly Hanson: they have a VERY nice sailing collection, however, they are pricy. 

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