I’m 6’6”(mostly legs) and 230 lbs. looking for a recreational kayak right now. I’ve alway rented or used friends’ kayaks before, but never used one that really fits me. I think it’s time I get one for myself that is the proper size. Hoping someone might have some suggestions for sit-in kayaks for someone my size. I will be kayaking mostly on Lake Superior or in smaller lakes in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Also, any tips on paddle size would also be welcome as I am looking to purchase a paddle as well. Thanks!

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Hi @takieft - Thanks for reaching out!

It's great to hear that you have enjoyed your kayaking experiences and are looking to purchase your own. We recommend the following kayaks that offer additional legroom:

This season we have seen a lot of kayaks selling out as soon as they are in-stock. We suggest checking the website periodically around those dates to keep track of availability. 

Hopefully this helps! 

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You might consider a Dagger Zydeco 9 (https://www.dagger.com/us/kayaks/zydeco-90). I picked one up at REI a few years ago but REI no longer carries it. I am a little smaller than you and have found it almost to roomy compared to my sea kayak. I have paddled it on flat water lakes as well as class 1 and maybe even class 2 small streams. I also like my Werner Comano Paddle  (https://wernerpaddles.com/products/camano-adjustable-straight-shaft) but think you need to take a measurement before deciding on a size.

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