Hi!  I'm new to "conversations."  I love to kayak and every time I go away, I try to fit that in.  Now with the pandemic, I have been going with my friend who has 2 kayaks and it's making me want to get my own.  I have been doing research but it's hard to figure out when I can't even try them out.  I was going to start with just getting a nice paddle to use with my friend's kayak.  Do you think that's a good start?  If so, I was looking at the Werner paddles and thought low angle would be best but they are thinner and I'm not sure that is good.  I want to be able to go at a nice pace when I want to. I also want light and have wrist issues so I'm wondering if I should go with a bent shaft.  Any guidance you have would really help. 

Thanks! Karyn