So, late to the party once again, but I thought that I'd share anyway.  After trying a few different brands and styles, I have found my "go-to" water shoe.  It's the Merrell Choprock.  REI only has the women's version available right now, but I found a pair of the Men's version on the Good & Used site.  I love them.  They are styled like a running shoe, but with a very rugged tread pattern.  The body of the shoe is mesh, and there are drain holes in the insole.  I have worn mine with no socks, on short hikes in perfect comfort, even when wet.  They protect your feet, provide good traction, and dry quickly.  They are also available on the Merrell site.

Hope this helps anyone still looking for water shoes recommendations.

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This looks great, appreciate the rec! I'm generally happy with my Keens now that they're broken in, but I like that these would better protect my feet from small rocks/debris. I'd definitely check these out in the future. 


As an aside, how annoying is it that in 2021 it's still so hard to find quality gear for women, especially gear that isn't freaking pink or purple or some cutesy color combo?? Drives me nuts.