@suckypaddler thanks for reaching out and asking about suggestions on ways to improve your paddle stroke (we also appreciate the humor in your username!). Although normally we'd be running in-person paddle classes throughout the summer, these are anything but "normal" times and unfortunately our in-person classes are still temporarily suspended. So, here are a few other ideas that may help in the interim:

  • We are hosting a virtual event on paddling where you can submit questions for the instructor - this might be a great opportunity to ask about paddle stroke techniques!
  • We have an Expert Advice article on basic kayak strokes that may provide a helpful tip or two.
  • Nearly all of our stores have reopened around the country, so you could always stop in and chat with an employee about paddling; or, if you aren't able to visit us in-store, you could set up a free virtual outfitting appointment to talk to someone about paddle technique.

Finally, we will tag a few of our community members who know a bunch about paddling for their tips: @REI-EricP @REI-JohnJ @REI-AllieR @REI-AnnaL @REI-RachelL 

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