Hi @Stendy, we have the Wilderness Systems sit on top 12ft Tarpon. I've been very impressed with it. It is well thought out. It is sturdy and comfortable. My mate is a tad claustrophobic, so we got her the sit on top. I was surprised at just how balanced it is. It is not "tippy" at all. It has great storage as well. My own kayak is a 12 ft sit in Old Town Loon. I love that thing! I can spend hours in the seat and my backside does not complain. I have not rolled it over, never even felt like it might roll. That said, we do not do white water. We kayak in rivers, once in a while in a reservoir. If your local REI is open, go in and sit in a couple of the different kayaks. They were really helpful for me at the Indy store. Look for adjustable foot pegs. Check out the seat real well. That was one thing that sold me on the Loon. If you're going to be kayak camping, check out the storage capacity as well. Keep in mind how you can accessorize it as well. I've added functionality to my Loon with Rail Blaza attachments for things like fishing poles, metal detector, spot light. I hope this helps.