I am 6 ft 2 in tall. I want a recreational kayak. Should I choose a 12 ft length or would a 10 or 10’6 be okay? I swear the Wilderness Pungo 120 was on your site earlier today but now I don’t see it. Is it available? I don’t know Pelican brand but their Sprint 12 footer looks interesting. Any comments on their products and especially seat comfort which is a big selling point of Wilderness Pungo. Would the Pungo 105 be sufficient for me?

Hi there @Stendy!

Thanks for reaching out to the Community about purchasing a kayak!

Some of the biggest considerations for what kayak to choose come from the features you mentioned.

We have an excellent Expert Advice article about choosing a kayak that can help provide you with guidance!

Unfortunately, the Pungo 120 is on backorder but still available. Typically items on backorder are expected to ship within 30 days. 

I’d suggest taking a look at the article I referenced and then comparing your options.

I know many customers have been quite satisfied with Pelican kayaks. They too have made comfort a consideration by using ergonomic padding in an effort to provide targeted cushioning. 

Hope this helps get you started!

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Hi @Stendy, we have the Wilderness Systems sit on top 12ft Tarpon. I've been very impressed with it. It is well thought out. It is sturdy and comfortable. My mate is a tad claustrophobic, so we got her the sit on top. I was surprised at just how balanced it is. It is not "tippy" at all. It has great storage as well. My own kayak is a 12 ft sit in Old Town Loon. I love that thing! I can spend hours in the seat and my backside does not complain. I have not rolled it over, never even felt like it might roll. That said, we do not do white water. We kayak in rivers, once in a while in a reservoir. If your local REI is open, go in and sit in a couple of the different kayaks. They were really helpful for me at the Indy store. Look for adjustable foot pegs. Check out the seat real well. That was one thing that sold me on the Loon. If you're going to be kayak camping, check out the storage capacity as well. Keep in mind how you can accessorize it as well. I've added functionality to my Loon with Rail Blaza attachments for things like fishing poles, metal detector, spot light. I hope this helps.