I have a really similar question to Andrew except that I am looking for an inflatable kayak for the family. Two adults and two young kids are using a wood canoe right now but we want something more versatile.  I'm in Richmond VA where we have access to the Chesapeake Bay, sheltered barrier islands, James river (maybe I'll go on the Class I/II rapids once a year). We'd use it for crossing some smaller open water where there might be some smallish waves less than 3 ft. Also, wouldn't it be amazing (but not a priority) to check one of these as baggage once we can fly again?  The tidal waterways have some clams, oysters, and barnacles and the rivers have rocks.  Since I'll be taking my family away from shore I want to be sure that it is durable.  Do you have any recommendations?   Also can you tell me what the biggest contributing factor is on weight differences between inflatable kayaks? Thanks!