My name is Andrew.  I am looking into purchasing an inflatable kayak.  Specifically the "Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Convertible Tandem Inflatable Kayak".  But I am wondering if this is the best fit for me, and I don't have any options to talk to someone in person or call.  

For my use; I plan to keep it in the trunk of my car while I adventure around and use it on lakes, rivers, streams, pretty much wherever.  So versatility is big for me.  I don't plan to hit up crazy white water, but possibly some class I or II rapids.  Maybe class III, but that is a stretch.  Mostly it will be used when my friends and I want to go canoeing.  That being said, I want to be sure it can fit a cooler on board in addition to two people.  

The other points I wanted to figure out were exactly comes with it.  Does it come with paddles? Or a pump?   If not, do you have any recommendations on brands?